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XXX Action

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You Can Dance

I give myself upon the altar
Lose every cell into the fire
I see in every breath a promise
Nothing can contain my desire
Now gone is all hope of redemption
A theatre ruined through which I crawl
My will now serviced by temptation
It cast a spell upon us all

You can dance
And you can fight
But love's the fool
That still survives
The night
It always feels better with you, boy
And I could walk
But I can't lie
Resistance gone
No tears to cry
The nights
They always feel better with you, boy

Compelled take old ideas destroy them
Complict in the serpent's view
There is a higher state of being, baby
I'm in that place when I'm with you

You can dance
And you can fight
But love's the truth
That still survives
The night
It always feels better with you, boy
And I could run
But I can't hide
Resistance gone
No tears to cry
The nights
They always feel better with you, boy

You can dance
And you can fight
But love's the truth
That still survives
The night
It always feels better with you, boy
The soul shadowed
But cannot lie
The evening gold
The morning light
The nights
They always feel better with you, boy

You entranced is my delight
And love's the sword
On which I'll die
I got to get to heaven with you, boy
And I could wait
But that's all wrong
'Cos I can't make
This fire alone
The nights
They're always getting better with you, boy

What you waiting for?



The Shining Path

Just let it go
Baby let it go
Everybody knows
Everybody knows it's how the dice rolled
You got to get below
To where the spirit flows
Yeah, this is how we grow
And incidentally you don't have be alone

Even without
Your eyes open
There's never a doubt, know I'm near
If you're with or without
If you're right or wrong
I'm always around, always here

You keep your secret strong
Where you calling from?
I heard the saddest song
When the winter sun on the water shone
But the meaning's gone
What is it that you want?
Because we ain't got long
No we ain't got long to find where we belong

When the nights are drawing longer
Just come lie close to me
Those storms will pass and roll away
And when the walls are closing in
My love will set you free
You'll never need to be afraid




Warning, when was the starting line?
Trailing, days have now multiplied
Danger, critical circumstance
Exposure, examine the evidence
Follow the Moon now the road has gone
Borrow some courage to carry on
Failure, critical sentience
Contagious, the manner in whitch it spreads

One more complication
Covers the path and blocks the way and makes it
One more lonely afternoon
But one less heart to break
The Sun descending fast
Behind the walls that you cannot climb and I guess that
One more wrong direction
Is just one less place to find

Your mind talking, mouthing the words aloud
And your walking deep in the underground
Familiar, recurring and nothing new
The fixture, the forfeit is your refuge

One more drop in the ocean
Is just one less tear to spill
And you're trying to shovel everything
Into the hole that you cannot fill
But you'll never find perfection
If you hold it out of sight
And that one more blank rejection
Is just one less war to fight

One more penniless moment
Is just one less bill to pay
And when you're on that one more road to nowhere
You never lose your way
And when the piece won't fit the puzzle
You know it's one less way to try
And in the darkness where you're huddled
You can look forward to the light

Remember, one less winning number
Is just one more chance to win
And one more day you're lost at sea
Is just another chance to swim
Eternally the fission
Delivers you what you cannot choose
And in this world of contradiction
You've just got one less point to prove



After Effect

A worn horizon one more time
We drive along the factory line
It paints a picture we both see
A polaroid that captures it
We walk in silence through the trees
We're falling through the autumn leaves
It paints a picture we both know
The cold reflecting where we're going

How did we get this far
Without ever being found out?
Yeah, the question's coming around again:
Who measures the after effect?
And how did we get it wrong
What is it that we could have done?
And the question swinging around our heads
Is how do we measure the cause and effect

All the reasons, all the versions
Always fall at the same hurdles
The nervs are exposed and the grievance old
The grass won't grow where we dug our hole
We're searching with mopic vision
Dependency where we're imprisoned
We thought that together we were strong
But that conceit has gone on way too long

How did we drift this far
Without ever looking back?
And do those special moments happen again
And what measures the after effect?
And how did we fix what's wrong
Without letting the tears out?
And the question spinning around our heads
Is how to protect from the after effect

I don't know




What little faith I have
I summon, hold it up
Release it to the day
What little breath I have
I'd use it all up just to say
That I hope you're warm and safe

Another prayer
Another paper dart
Is blowing across the sea
And I hope,
Well I hope it reaches you
Unfolding tenderly
A touch on a place I cannot reach
Our love the years forgot
The tower that held the flame above
Where the rain and swollen waves
When do we break?
How does a broken heart
Get up from off the floor?
My shame
Now the shade is complete
The simple motif calling
And loops me off the edge
So walk
Now walk away my love
And take those golden eyes
Into a world that deserves your light




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Nocturnal Eyes

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© 2022 Vincent Laporte